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My Barcelona itinerary

Find your inner Cheetah Girl and head to Barcelona. (really hoping you all got that reference). Barcelona is big city meets sophisticated college town. It’s bright and spread out and has some serious New York City vibes. Barca feels…

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48 hours in Athens

Traveling to Greece but don’t have much time? No worries. While the ancient Greek city of Athens should be on your list of places to visit, you don’t need days to do so. In fact, you can see the…

Europe Greece Travel

A guide to Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular of the Greek islands for travelers and cruise ships. It’s known as the island of the winds and most would say it’s the “party island” or the best island for young couples…

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Notre Dame in Photos

Notre Dame Cathedral is the heart of Paris. Second to the Eiffel Tower there isn’t a more iconic piece of architecture in the city of love. It stood the test of time, saw kings through the centuries, is home…

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8 places to go in Paris

You could spend a month in Paris and still not see all of the city with its iconic churches, monuments, famed pastry shops and 20 arrondisements. Most of us don’t have a month to spend in the city of…

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The Paris Pass review: Is it worth it?

Regardless of whether it’s your first visit to Paris or your fifth, there’s always something to see. What you do in the city of love is often based on how much time you have. Enter, the Paris Pass. Although…