A Guide to Positano

Positano is absolute perfection. It’s no wonder travelers come for miles just to stay on this part of the Mediterranean Coast. Every which way you turn you can find something picturesque.

Around Positano

Take your camera.

The pier, the church, a balcony, the top of Positano. You won’t regret lugging around a camera in Positano for there are scenic views no matter where you are. You’ll want to remember such a beautiful place.

Eat seafood on the beach.

My favorite places to eat in Positano was l’Incanto, and it comes highly recommended by locals. The menu is fairly big and the service is excellent with more affordable —  for Positano that is — food and drink prices. Via Marina Grande, 4, 84017 Positano

Although not on the beach, I highly suggest eating at Bruno, a mom and pop restaurant with a view. Everything is homemade including the pasta. Though there is inside seating, most of the tables line the sidewalk and overlook the Mediterranean Sea. Reservations are suggested but not necessary. Order a glass of wine (if you’re old enough) and definitely try to the cannolis.

For aperitivo, try Bucca di Bacco. I suggest  proscuitto e melone and the bruschetta pomodorini. Be truly Italian and order an espresso when you’re done with food. Via Rampa Teglia, 4. 

Go swimming

In summer months Positano is hot! Take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea on Spiaggia Grande followed by lunch (see above suggestions).

Take a Vespa tour

Feeling adventurous? You can do this with a guide or alone. But if you choose to go solo, you’ll have to take a driving test first.


It would be nearly impossible to miss out on shopping in Positano unless you’ve booked a remote location high on the mountainside. The closer one gets to the beach, the more shops there are that line every street in this coastal town — clothes, souvenirs, ceramics are just a few of the types of stores.

Day trips


By the beach in Positano there are several stands where you can book day trips to other parts of the coast. For a full day’s worth of sightseeing, I suggest Capri. You can take half or full day trips to and around the island. Book in advance. If you’re wanting to do an all-day excursion, it’s likely everything the day of is booked. One or two days in advance should be plenty of time to reserve your spot to whatever part of the coast you’re exploring.


If an excursion isn’t for you, take the ferry to another part of the coast like Amalfi. Amalfi is at the center of the coast; it’s considered the main town of Costiera Amalfitana; and it’s how Amalfi Coast got its name. It’s around 16 euro round trip depending on which company you use. A ferry will get you to Amalfi and drop you off for 4 hours of exploring.


Ravello is nicknamed the city of music and is considered a hidden gem of Amalfi. It tends to be less frequented than other parts of the coast but offers equally stunning views and culture.

Know before you go

No amount of stairmaster or gym time is going to make you better at climbing the steps of Positano.

Wear comfy shoes! I cannot stress this enough. That goes for all of Europe.

Pack light. It’s true what they say that you can only wear one pair of pants at a time. You’re going to hate your life if you pack a big suitcase that you’ll be required to lug up and down steps. I learned this the hard way. Ladies, I suggest packing mostly light dresses and only a couple pairs of shoes. Anything else you need, you can buy.

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