Reasons to travel solo

Traveling by yourself can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Some of my best experiences abroad have been solo and here are the reasons why:

On your own time

Have you ever been on vacation with someone who had a completely different idea of how the vacation was supposed to go? Don’t get me wrong, a travel buddy can be great. But you can enjoy a trip just as much if not more by yourself.

Sleep in. Get up early. Go to a museum. Sip coffee all day and people watch. Whatever you want to do, you can. You can experience a new city or country at your own pace, without enduring the annoying habits of others — because we all have them — and that my friends is a beautiful thing.

Learn about you

Solo travel can be intimidating. A lot of people would never venture out alone in their own city let alone a foreign country. The unknown is scary and companionship is comfort. But let me tell you, it’s worth it. People are friendlier than you think — I was taken under the wing of several groups during my solo travels even when I didn’t want their company.

You’re also more self-sufficient than you give yourself credit.

A friend of mine told me that great things happen when people are “pushed.” Now this next part isn’t a great epic about a life changing moment, but it is an anecdote, nonetheless.

When I went to London in December I knew I wanted to check out some of the city’s Christmas markets, one of which was Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. The Wonderland was a giant, pop-up market and carnival all rolled into one. You could see the lights from a great distance and even some of the taller rides. I definitely wanted to go but that meant I’d have to go into the park at night — something I was told specifically not to do because it wasn’t safe. 

Did I listen? Nope.

I was faced with two choices (maybe three): I could either muster up the courage to walk through the park OR I could have hung out in my hotel room all night. The hotel wasn’t an option as I didn’t fly all the way to London to hangout in a boutique hotel, so I headed toward the park. 

I want to mention that the park has no lights. None, zero, zilch. I’m a woman walking through an unlit park by myself at night. Great idea, Sabrina. In hindsight, it definitely wasn’t the smartest decision, but I was OK.  I made it to Winter Wonderland, unscathed and unharmed and had a great time. 

The point is that if you let it, fear can paralyze you, convincing you that staying in the hotel — or staying home and not traveling solo — is a great idea when actually the best thing you can do is push yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and see the world. 

You have financial control

The number one excuse I hear from friends about why they don’t travel has to do with money. It’s definitely not cheap to see the world, but it also doesn’t have to break the bank.

This is actually one of the reasons I started taking trips alone. Again, friends are great but it can be daunting to find people who want to go to the same places you do, in the same time frame who have the same budget.

By yourself you can spend however much you want on whatever you want!

It’s a confidence boost

When you and only you are making decisions about how you want to spend your time in a foreign place, you learn what you truly like to do. You also learn more about your intuition, personal dos and don’ts, and solo travel is a real a confidence booster.

I promise, you’ll feel like a complete badass by the time it’s all over.

Travel Tip:

If you hate large crowds and are by yourself, put earbuds in. 1. No one will try to talk to you.  2. If you need directions, you can set GoogleMaps on your phone and listen to the directions without looking touristy.



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