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Your first trip to Dublin

Ireland’s capital city is green and vibrant. It’s more affordable than a lot of the more popular capitals like London and Paris and has nearly as much to offer. Rest assured your first visit to Dublin will be filled with good food, folk music and pretty scenery.

Stop in a at pub for a pint

Drink and be merry in the heart of Dublin. From open to close crowds of people stop at the dozens of pubs in the Temple Bar neighborhood. Even if you’re not a night owl and would rather not spend the evening here, it’s worth a lunch and beer stop at the actual Temple Bar – the most popular of pubs in the area.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The oldest church in Ireland, the beautiful cathedral is open to the public daily.

Dublin Castle

As old as the Vikings, Dublin Castle is a pillar of the city. Originally it was the headquarters fo the English and British administration, now it’s used as government complex and tourist site.

Distillery tours

Beer or liquor? Dublin makes both. The Jameson Distillery and Guinness Storehouse have impressive tours detailing their rise as international brands. And the best part? You get booze at the end. Cheers!

Christ Church Cathedral

I had a beautiful experience at Christ Church. A choir from the U.S. (Missouri) was putting on a concert while I was walking through. This made the experience for me.

Trinity College

The library at Trinity College is an absolute dream. It reminds me of the one in Beauty and the Beast. If you can, try to go early or late in the day to experience it with as few people as possible.

St. Stephens Green

A lovely green space in the city. Take a walk; sit and people watch; read a book. It’s a nice break from the city chaos.

Get out of town

Rent a car and drive cross-country to the Cliffs of Moher. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in Ireland. Bring a jacket – it’s very windy – and hope for good weather.


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